Wildlife Reserves Singapore


The Wildlife Reserves Singapore is a self-funded organization which manages a majority of the zoos in Singapore. The aim of the organization is to sensitize and educate people about the wildlife and its preservation


To make the visitors feel that they are a part of a unique experience and encourage new and repeat visitors


The insight was that visitors will feel that they are a part of the unique experience only if they have some knowledge about the wildlife they see. Hence educating them about the wildlife, teaching them about the details of their trip that they ignored, engages and sensitizes them about wildlife preservation. The content on Instagram was educational with emotional triggers to ensure that the visitors formed a bond with the wildlife they saw. Content on the zoo employees was included so that the visitors could empathize with them; thus fostering a sense of ownership. As the platform was Instagram, the content was visually appealing and aspirational; with aspiration represented as knowledge and involvement with the wildlife


20% increase in followers and 105% increase in engagements. Instagram as a platform commands aspiration, which can be channeled for any product/service category

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