The Body Shop


The Body Shop wanted to launch its new product on a mobile-first platform in an innovative and an engaging manner


To get maximum awareness, conversion and recruitment upon the launch of a new product in its hair care range


The insight was that content consumption by users is on-the-go and mobile-first; leading to low involvement with the content. Hence, for a successful product launch in a cluttered category, a mobile-first approach was necessary to maximize engagement. The content was made interactive so that the fleeting consumer attention is locked for higher engagement. For hair care, historically, consumers have been influenced by communication that is vivid and rich on visual and aspirational value. The content on the mobile was also made such - apart from just viewing the content, they could also interact with it. This helped in differentiating the product launch and gaining higher eyeballs in an otherwise cluttered category


78% engagement for the launch campaign. A mobile-first approach is the best for a one-on-one, highly personalized communication

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