Singapore Kindness Movement


The Singapore Kindness Movement is a non-profit organization launched to serve as a successor to the the Singapore Courtesy Council. It is primarily involved in executing public education programs aimed at cultivating kindness and graciousness in Singaporean society


To reach out to young Singaporeans and promote the idea of spontaneous acts of kindness to them. Instagram was chosen as the platform as the younger audience engage better on the platform


The insight was that small, spontaneous acts of kindness often go unnoticed. Sharing one's kind deeds often motivate other people to becoming kind beings themselves. On Instagram, people were asked to narrate their acts of kindness as a story, rather than just talk about the deed. Storytelling as a tool of communication proved very effective as it gave context to the content shared and hence garnered a higher rate of engagement. Hashtag strategy was implemented as hashtags serve as punchlines to the bigger story and convey the message as short, smart words. This improved engagement and user generated content, which was a powerful way to promote the campaign


74% conversion rate and 40% engagement rate. Deeply engaged converted users are often micro-influencers in their communities Visit their Instagram handle here

Prashant ipe