Shilla Duty Free Singapore


Shilla is a fashion and beauty duty-free store in Changi airport. Given the category, the content on social media had to be aspirational, engaging and visually appealing


To reach out to the target audience, engage them in an immersive manner, and ensure that the content is relevant and engrossing, rather than just simply posting content on social media


The insight was that content on different social media platforms work differently, and each platform has its unique engagement strategies. For Shilla, three pillars had to be interlinked - target audience, brand category and social media preference by the target audience. The target audience was skewed towards women as the brand category was fashion and beauty. Women engage more on Instagram; hence a separate Instagram strategy was crafted. The content on Instagram did not mirror the content on other social platforms. The content was visually appealing and aspirational, rather than product or promotion driven. All formats of content - visuals, GIFs, videos were used to ensure maximum engagement


29% organic engagement rate and 63% organic conversion rate. Relevant content helps in creating loyal followers, who later on become brand influencers

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