What Can You Do On Instagram Stories?

The inception of Instagram Stories in 2016 took the world by storm with over 250 million people posting everyday! It bettered Snapchat by adding cool features which the users went gaga over.

Here are some awesome things that you can do on Instagram stories -


Boomerangs are videos that play forward and backward on a loop. These videos are super fun to see and they’re even more fun to take! It is more lively and entertaining than a static image. The best part is that you don’t have to install the Boomerang app separately - it is inbuilt on the Instagram platform

Live videos

This is a great feature for users to interact real-time with their followers or cover any event. All you have to do is open your Stories camera and select the Live option. This feature is used by a lot of celebrities and brands when they want to reach out to their fans. Every time someone you follow goes live, you get a notification from Instagram. You can even add another user in your live video! All they have to do is, tap the Request button at the bottom of the screen and join you once you’ve approved their request


This is one of the recent features added by the platform and the users have loved it ever since! All you have to do, is add the poll sticker along with your question and your followers can answer it. It is an exciting way to interact with your friends and family. And for brands, it is a simple way to engage with their audience and even get feedback on specific products or services!


Superzoom is a video feature that can zoom in close, closer and closest on your subject! It even comes with a dramatic soundtrack in the background. It is amusing to watch and adds a twist to the usual video stories. Brands could even utilize this feature to showcase some of their products in a quirky manner

Stop motion

Stop motion allows you to collate several images into one single video. It is an interesting way of showing several pictures together. This feature can also be used to create a time lapse video - but only through a series of images

Filters and Stickers

The filters and stickers are a great way to jazz up a normal selfie or a picture. The platform offers a variety of stickers and filters for the user to choose. You can even add a geofilter, hashtags or sketch your own artistic masterpiece.

Over and above all these features provided by Instagram, you can even add a See More option to your Insta Stories and direct your followers to your blog, website, store or any other page! Instagram has been quite successful in 2017 and we can’t wait to see the innovations that 2018 will bring.


Prashant ipe