10 Tips to Create Visually Appealing Content on Instagram

Instagram has now become the go-to platform for captivating visuals. This social media application has over 800 million users who share millions of pictures everyday.

So how does one stand out from the millions of images from the platform? Here are some tips to create some visually stunning content that sets your brand apart.

First impression matters

The bird’s eye view of your Instagram account matters a lot because it is literally the first thing a user sees when he/she visits your profile. So you must make sure that your first impression is the best impression. Don’t make your profile look cluttered with too many subjects and too many colours. This might confuse the user and he/she might skip over your handle

Follow a theme

To create a visually appealing Insta handle, follow a theme. It is important to have a clear vision of the image you want for your brand. The theme must correlate and connect with your brand and its colours. It also helps provide the basic framework for the kind of content that will go up on your page in the future

Lighting is everything

If your Instagram feed is all about taking pictures of products, people or places, then this is tip is for you. Ensure that the lighting supports the kind of photo you want to click. Overexposed or underexposed, lighting is key to a great photo

Be aware of the latest trends

As a marketer, one must always be aware of the latest trends as they can be leveraged to improve your reach and engagement. Creating content around a new social trend on Instagram in a manner that's relevant to your brand can pique the interest of your target audience

Don’t go overboard with filters

Yes, it is true! Filters are the key to make your pictures #instaworthy but it is also important to not go overboard with them. Using too many filters can drown the essence of the photo. And in some cases, it might even mislead the customers. For example, if an apparel store uses too many filters on its product images, the user will never be able to differentiate between the real product image and the edited one. The user might feel cheated, especially while shopping online and may not show any #brandlove again

Try new angles

Instagram is all about getting creative with pictures! Keeping this in mind, you can try exploring new angles and ways to click photographs. This might give you some interesting results and help your profile stand out. Experimentation is always appreciated on Instagram!

Less is more

Having plenty of elements in the image will make it look cluttered and shift focus from the main element. Following the motto, 'Less is more', is the best way to showcase your brand’s content. After all, negative space and minimalism is IN right now!

Think about the big picture

It’s not just about a single post looking good, it’s also about how it ties together with your entire Instagram feed. Think about the previous posts before posting something new, so that all your posts have a common theme and people can relate to your feed much better

Use high quality images

The importance of this point cannot be stressed enough! Instagram is a visual platform and it is important for the images to be appealing to the eye. Pixelated and low quality images are a big no-no! 

Try the checkerboard look

The checkerboard look is an interesting way to showcase content in your Instagram profile. Under this theme, every alternate photo has a consistent background. Most of them alternate between text and image but you could put your own twist to the theme and go crazy with it! ;)

Have you followed any of these tips? Let us know how it helped grow your Instagram!

Prashant ipe