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What Is Gramlab?

GramLab is a sub-agency of KRDS which specialises in brand & communication strategies for Instagram. Instagram has emerged as one of the most engaging platforms for brands (10x engagement of photos than on any other platform).

It has a high rate of engagement as the content is visually appealing and consumers prefer such content as they find it aspirational. Inspirational content leads to deeper engagement. GramLab is focused on creating such content strategies for brands to foster deeper engagement by consumers



What  Instagram Can Do For Your Business

With over 800 million users worldwide in just 7 years, Instagram is the most popular visual storytelling platform in the world. It is a channel that helps create unique brand stories which are aspirational and relatable - the best way to capture consumer attention.

Consumers engage the best with authentic and relatable content and Instagram is the right place for brands to showcase themselves in an innovative and and audience-centric manner.


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Why GramLab?

GramLab combines KRDS' years of social & mobile expertise to create the most effective Instagram strategy for your business. Whether it is creating engaging content or Influencer management, we are always on top of new Instagram trends to help your business stay relevant and possess an edge over your competitors. We update our offerings in tandem with Instagram updates to further push innovation on the platform!


Our Services

Read how we can help you develop an effective Instagram strategy for your business

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We help you craft an Instagram-first strategy to reach to concentrated audience and better your brand standing. Backed with actionable data, our content offers your business a refreshing take on the platform



Instagram calls for a tailor-made Instagram strategy. Be it using hashtags, Instagram Stories, Vertical Videos, Livestreams, Influencer management - we will lead your brand to speak to those who resonate the best with you



We follow the latest trends in photography and videography to ensure that your content stays relevant. Also, our expertise in visual storytelling will help you develop a unique voice and aesthetic for your brand on Instagram



Our team is well equipped to navigate the changing landscapes of the platform and have extensive experience in creating Instagram-first content. We focus strongly on engaging with users real-time to enhance the interaction.

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